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A few years ago, my parents built a farmhouse in the country. Their new home was located on a dirt road. Regardless of the season, this road was usually hard to drive on. During periods of heavy rain at my parents’ home, the roads became extremely muddy. During times of draught at this location, the road got large potholes in it. Because of the treacherous driving conditions at their new place, my parents decided to purchase a new vehicle. They traded their midsize sedan for a large truck. On this blog, you will discover the best types of vehicles to drive on dirt roads. Enjoy!


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3 Signs You’ve Damaged Your Off-Roader’s Transmission

Driving off-road takes its toll on your car. It suffers from more stress in difficult driving conditions where you have to make rapid and regular gear changes. Sometimes, this kind of driving causes problems. For example, you can damage your transmission. How can tell you tell if this has happened? 1. Your Transmission Doesn't Work Smoothly If your transmission has problems, then you might initially feel that things have changed as you drive. Read More 

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4 Tips To Help You Buy A Used Bus

If you are in the market for a used bus, there are a few different factors you need to take into consideration in order to purchase the right bus for your specific needs. Factor 1: Size First, you need to consider what size of bus you need. You can get a full-size bus, or you can go with a minibus. There are also bus manufactures that make buses that are sized somewhere in between a minibus and a full-sized bus. Read More