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A few years ago, my parents built a farmhouse in the country. Their new home was located on a dirt road. Regardless of the season, this road was usually hard to drive on. During periods of heavy rain at my parents’ home, the roads became extremely muddy. During times of draught at this location, the road got large potholes in it. Because of the treacherous driving conditions at their new place, my parents decided to purchase a new vehicle. They traded their midsize sedan for a large truck. On this blog, you will discover the best types of vehicles to drive on dirt roads. Enjoy!


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Things To Consider When Buying A Truck

When searching for the perfect used truck to buy, there are many factors to consider. If you don't know what qualities you're looking for in your truck, the task can seem daunting. Consider the list of things below before you sign on the line.

Should you choose four-wheel or two-wheel drive?

The first thing to consider is whether or not you need four-wheel drive. How often do you drive off-road, tow heavy loads or drive in snowy conditions? If you don't do any of these things and don't plan to, chances are, four-wheel drive is an unnecessary expense.

The added maintenance that goes into a four-wheel drive vehicle include:

  • Changing the transfer case oil
  • Oiling the rear axle
  • Inspection and maintenance of the drive shaft

Four-wheel drive trucks will cost you more than two-wheel drive to buy and to maintain. You will spend more money on insurance premiums, parts and maintenance routines than a two-wheel drive truck, not to mention the extra fuel expenses.

However, if you plan to own the truck for a while, the added value of the four-wheel drive can help you get more out of it when it comes time to sell it. Four-wheel drive trucks maintain their value better than the two-wheel drive trucks do.

Do you want a diesel truck?

Diesel fuel is more expensive, but you can get more miles out of a gallon of diesel than you will a gallon of gasoline. If you are looking for a lot of pulling power, the diesel engine is probably your best option. If you are looking for an everyday driver with the occasional need to tow a heavy load, you probably won't need to spend the extra money on a diesel engine.

Do you want manual hubs?

Older four-wheel drive vehicles require you to get out of the truck and manually turn the hub on the front wheels to lock the hubs to engage the four-wheel drive. Newer trucks are much easier to engage – you simply press a button from the warmth of the cab and the four-wheel drive engages. If you are looking at older four-wheel drive trucks, be sure that you understand the system that the particular truck has.

Talk with your local used truck sales professional to learn more about four-wheel and two-wheel drive trucks to find out what the best option is for you today, as well as several years down the road.